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REACH - Research in Exercise And Cancer Health

May 14, 2017

Matt was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma a week after graduating high school. Instead of going on to play college soccer, Matt had to stay in Ohio and go through a brutal regimen of chemotherapy and radiation. This episode is part 1 of a two part series covering Matt's journey from his diagnosis, to where he is now, an MLS star, with a successful cancer foundation dedicated to help making the lives of childhood cancer survivors better. Lamps is as tough as they get, and he gave a great insight into the devastating effects of treatment, some of which he still battles today. You can find more about Matt's foundation at You can also find him on twitter @LampStrong. 


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Show notes:

4.45 - His diagnosis, how he found out and breaking down. 

10.00 - His odds of survival. Playing a tournament the week he found out, and coming back straight into chemo. 

14.00 - Staying in Columbus to go through treatment instead of going to college to play football. Dealing with the pain and side effects of treatment. 

22.00 - How the side effects of treatment got worse over the course of his cycles. Dealing with weight gain, stomach ulcers, bone pain and nausea. 

29.00 - How going through cancer treatment at such a young age affected him psychologically. Feeling like he lost a lot of friends, being hurt and angry. How treatment shaped his goals and values. 

34.00 - Getting extra cycles of treatment, despite being free of cancer.

39.00 - Long term effects of radiation

44.00 - Finishing treatment and the recovery to get back playing.