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REACH - Research in Exercise And Cancer Health

Nov 28, 2017

Tori is a good friend of mine and we’ve grown close over the past 3 years through a shared passion for the field of exercise oncology. Tori lost her mother to breast cancer in 2012 after an 8 year battle. Tori used this experience to drive her career forward. She found her passion in exercise oncology research, set up HeroCancerHealth and has partnered with Grandview ProFitness to offer free exercise classes to cancer survivors in the Columbus, Ohio area.


HeroCancerHealth is an online platform with the goal to provide an education and understanding of safe and effective exercises and recommendations for accompanying and managing existing cancer treatment, reducing cancer risk, and enhancing overall survivorship.  

We talk about Tori’s experience with her mother’s passing and how this influenced her personal ambition and professional goals. A huge thanks to Tori for tackling a difficult topic and speaking about the difficulty of losing a parent, along with how she turned this adversity into a positive experience moving forward.